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General Shit


👉What payment options do you offer?

Good as Gold offers payments via Credit Card (via Stripe) and PayPal.

👉What’s the refund policy?

As all products are digital + instant access, Good as Gold does not offer refunds. All products have an abundant amount of information on the product pages and are represented to show what you can expect. If you still have questions, shoot me a message here and I’ll get back to you.

👉What’s the deal with support? Do you offer any?

Good As Gold does not offer 1-on-1 support for installation or customisation of the Squarespace design kits. (This is why the products are priced and positioned where they are.) You don’t pay a few hundred bucks for a dope design kit with all the tutorials + resources AND score 1-on-1 support. 😉 If you want a more personal experience, that’s when you’ve gotta hire a Graphic Designer, fam. (And pay Graphic Designer prices.)

(Although, if you can’t be fucked installing and setting up the design kit on your website, I can do this for you for an additional fee. Read more about this here.)

But if you have trouble with the design files themselves or any of the content you download, you can hit me up over here.

👉What if my product doesn’t download/is corrupted before I can open it?

If you’re using a Mac — make sure you’re trying to download your files on a Desktop or Laptop computer. i.e. Not a mobile device.

If you’re using a PC — same thing! Make sure you’re using a Desktop or laptop. If you still have trouble hit me up via the Support page andI I’ll help you out!

Why is my cart showing taxes?Taxes are added at the checkout for customers based in Canada. Once you add your billing address your cart will update!

👉Do you have AfterPay or payment plans?

No, sorry.

👉Why are all your prices in CAD?

’Cause Good as Gold is based in Canada! For a currency converter hit up Google over here.

👉Do I own any Intellectual Property rights once I purchase one of your design kits?

No. All IP and Copyright remains property of Good as Gold Studio | Sian Richardson. This means you may not sell any of the products, templates, or Design Kits or pass them off as your own.



Squarespace Design Kits


👉What’s the difference between a design kit and a template?

Traditionally with websites on platforms such as Wordpress, templates are essentially a series of files you download and install on your website and it’s a pretty straightforward process. However, with Squarespace websites the process is a little different.

With Squarespace they already have a series of ‘Templates’ you choose from, and these form the base of your website. But these templates are SUPER basic and can be quite hard to customise (if you’re not a designer, or don’t want to hire one just yet) — so you need to get creative with how you use these templates and the Design settings within Squarespace.

And that’s where the Good as Gold Design Kits come in! It’s literally just that — a dope little kit of Photoshop templates, Squarespace Design settings, design guidebooks + more — to help you customise the shit outta your website and make it your own.

👉Why are the design kits limited to 35 purchases?

There are a few reasons, but for the most part, it's because I think there's value in having something that not everyone can (or does) have.

I see the Good As Gold design kits sitting somewhere in between basic + minimal website templates ($), and fully-customised website designs ($$$). (Or, to put it another way, somewhere between Coors Light and La Fin du Monde.) So while they aren't unique one-offs, they still aren't a dime a dozen, if you know what I mean.

👉Why are the design files setup in Photoshop? Do you have Canva templates?

To put it simply :: Canva isn’t the best platform for the job — when the job is creating dope websites. Half the point of the Good as Gold Design Kits is to help you take your website to the next level, and for the Design Kits to be 20/10 they need to be setup in Photoshop since it’s the gold-standard for creating website graphics + images.

👉How do the Design kits work?

They’re super easy! You can see more about how they work over here.

👉How long will it take me to install the Design Kit and update my website?

It entirely depends on how you work and how familiar with Squarespace you are, but you can easily get your site up and running within a week using the Good As Gold design kits.

They all come with a stash of easy-to-follow tutorials and guides to help you set up your site. The whole point of the design kits is to help you get your site LAUNCHED so you can get back to what you actually do: hustlin’ hard + makin’ moolah.

👉I've never used Squarespace before... Can I use these Design Kits?

’FER SURE! In my opinion as someone who's been designing websites for 8+ years, Squarespace is the most intuitive easy to use platform in the game. Squarespace itself has a HUGE stash of tutorials and helpful articles (along with a really awesome support team), and the tutorials that come with the Design Kit will get you sussed + well on your way to creating a 20/10 website on Squarespace.

👉Is there coding involved with the kits?

NOPE! That’s part of the beauty of the Design kits… NO CODING. The kits are all setup using the design settings within Squarespace, and custom images which I’ll show you how to customise and install across your website. If you’d like to pimp out your site even more with additional coding, you totes can.

👉Can I customise the kits to suit my Brand?

e.g. I don’t love the colours on the mockups you have, but I’d love to use my own brand colours.

You betcha. Thats another one of the rad things about the Kits — they’re SUPER easily changable to suit your current Branding. Each Kit also comes with a stash of suggested colour and font combinations, so if you’re not sure what goes well together, I gotchu.

👉Do the Design Kits include any logos, social media templates, or other design templates?


👉Can I use my current logo on my new Squarespace site?

You betcha. I’ll show ya how to do it in the video tutorials. (It’s hella easy).

👉I've heard there's a new version of Squarespace coming soon... How will the Design Kits in the shop work/whats the deal there?

First off, yep, you're right in hearing that there's a new Squarespace update coming soon. But as of right now (October 2019), there's no scheduled official launch date, as it's still in testing.

The current Good as Gold design kits in the shop are still all good to use on Squarespace 7.0. There’s nothing changing with version 7.0 (as far as I know, and as far as SS has said), so if you’ve just recently brought a Design Kit or have been looking at one, everything with the setup and design settings will be the same for you — as you’ll be using it on the current 7.0 platform.

Personally, my websites are still on version 7.0 (along with a TON of other people) and I don't have any immediate plans to change them over to 7.1 anytime in the near future.

👉My site is on Wordpress now, and I want to move to Squarespace. HELP!

Yasss, come on over! But before you do, I’d recommend importing all your blog content, getting your site roughly set up, and familiarising yourself with Squarespace before purchasing a Good As Gold design kit. Once you’ve got your head around how shit works, jump on over to the shop, grab yourself a design kit, and get amongst it! If you need help importing content from WordPress, there’s a Squarespace help article over here.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the move? Here’s a quick run-down of some of the pros and cons of the ol’ WordPress vs. Squarespace debate:

Pros of Squarespace:

I (and most people I know who use it) find it very intuitive and easy to use, especially compared to WordPress. Obviously, there is a change-over period, but for the most part, I find Squarespace a LOT easier to navigate and work with.

It makes updating the design of your site super easy as there's no need for developers or coding. There are easy-to-use design settings right within Squarespace, and you can move things around on any page with their dragand- drop-style editor.

Overall, it’s just a lot simpler to manage and work with - mainly because you don't need a developer or coding experience/knowledge to do things as you do on WordPress.

SEO is basically already built into Squarespace, so you don’t need additional plugins or extra shit. You just need to add the right tags and website descriptions, which is super easy to do.

Cons of Squarespace:

It's not as customisable as WordPress - unless you’re on the developer platform - and there's no such thing as ‘plugins’. But in saying that, it does integrate with 95% of the apps you need to run a website, like MailChimp, Stripe, Zapier, Gmail and soooo much more. Linking these various accounts is mega easy too.

Moving from WordPress to Squarespace isn't too much of a struggle, although it does require some re-formatting. You can import blog posts reasonably easily from WordPress, but you may need to check over and re-style them to make sure the images, formatting, etc. fit the new site. (There's more info on that here.)

There's no hosting on Squarespace, per se, so if you do host a podcast or other files, those would need to be moved or hosted elsewhere. Everything about Squarespace (and the Good As Gold design kits) is designed to be easy AF for website newbies or people who can’t be bothered with tech shit – so, if you do have a lot of the back-end/file hosting stuff going on, it may not be worth it.

👉I’m a Graphic Designer, can I buy a Design Kit to use on a clients website?

Yes — but you must credit Good as Gold Studio and you must not claim the website design as your own.

👉Do I need to buy a domain and hosting first, if I don’t have them already?

Nope! These come with your Squarespace account, so when you sign up (depending on which plan you choose), you’ll get a domain name included. Hosting is also included with Squarespace, so you don't need to worry about that either.

👉How much is a Squarespace account?

It depends on which plan you sign up for, based on what you or your business needs, but pricing starts at around $12 USD/month. (That includes hosting and pretty much everything you need to get a site up and running.)

👉Can I add a blog or shop to my Squarespace site?

Ya’ sure can! In fact, it’s easy AF. A blog and/or shop can be easily added to ANY Squarespace website, and any Good as Gold Design Kit website.

👉I can’t be fucked installing the Design Kit on my site… Can you do it for me?

I can! If you’d like to purchase the additional Design Kit installation, you can find it here. Please note this does NOT include full customisation of the templates. It only includes the basic setup of the Kit on your site.

👉Can you customise the Design Kit for me and my Brand?

Currently this is not something Good as Gold offers. If you want a fully custom Squarespace Brand + Website, you’ve been in biz 2+ years and have your shit together, and you have a budget of $8k CAD +, you can find out more about working with me (Sian) personally here.

👉How often do you add new design kits?

There are no official launch dates for new collections. (#Soz) If you wanna stay in the loop on all things Good As Gold – including new collection drop dates — you should defo sign up for our emails in the footer (scroll down and you’ll see the pink form!).

👉Oops! I didn’t download my files in 24 hours. Can you help

Send me an email via the Support page here and I’ll sort you out!