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Design + photo


👉Good as Gold Collections on Unsplash
If you don’t know about Unsplash yet, well… Now you do. I’ve also made some collections for you! ps. Be sure to double check their terms before using.

👉 Stocksy
One of the best paid stock photo and video resources in the game. If you want some photos that are more original than the free-for-all of Unsplash, this should be your next stop.

squarespace + web

Something to keep in mind with Squarespace ‘plug-in’s’ or anything that requires extra coding :: go easy.

Squarespace does NOT provide support for this and if you add too much extra shit it can break your site (speaking from experience). My advice is to use a very versatile template or Design Kit (like you’ll find in the Shop, duh) and pimp out your site with the Style Settings and custom imagery. Then come back here and take your pick with a couple additional fun pieces of code.

👉 Create a low highlight on text
I’ve used this across the Good as Gold website. Requires minimal CSS coding.

👉 Gradient Announcement Bar
I bloody love this effect, and it’s WAY too easy to install on your site.

👉 Square Studio
I’ve personally brought a couple things from these guys and can totes recommend ‘em.

👉 Ghost Plugins
A super cool lil’ Squarspace shop. Everything is free, and you can choose to donate if ya like.

biz + other shit

A rad option for selling digital products if you’re not using Squarespace commerce, or another commerce platform within your website. A very simple + powerful platform at pretty damn low prices.