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Eye-catching Squarespace design kits + DIY design resources + tools to help you stand out from the crowd (where you fucking belong).


Design Kits

We all love a good Squarespace website, but we also know how hard they can be to customise + stand out from the pack. (Like, without hiring a profesh designer to do it.) So, I did something about it.

Introducing :: The Good As Gold Studio Squarespace Design Kits. 

Zhuzh up your website and take it to a 20/10 with no coding, easy to follow tutorials and everything else you need to make your site stand out from the crowd. No fuss, no muss.


Fresh designs. Limited AF.

No one likes a copycat. That’s why the Good as Gold design kits are limited to only 35 purchases each. So if you spy one you dig, grab ‘er now.


The OG Collection

in focus —
Squarespace design kit

$425 CAD

Clean, minimal, and responsive as all hell with a big focus on photography.

Full nomad —
Squarespace design kit

$425 CAD

For digital nomads in need of a slick, fun AF website to line up with a dope lifestyle.

hearty AF —
Squarespace design kit

$425 CAD

A feminine, yet fierce design kit guaranteed to save your ass from a basic AF website.

the basic bitch —
Squarespace design kit

$425 CAD

For the minimalist basic bitch inside all of us. (Yeah, we’ve all got one.)


custom + personalised things

For those who wanna tailor their brand just that little bit further.



$375 CAD

Looking for a slick AF handwritten logo that’s a step up from your own handwriting — or those shoddy handwritten fonts? Well, I made this just for you. Choose your style, send me the deets, and I’ll do it up for you.

squarespace design kit installation

$240 CAD

Keen to level-up your site with a Good As Gold Squarespace design kit, but can’t be fucked installing it yourself? No worries! Add this baby to your cart, and I can set it up for you.


BRANDING + website resources

The ultimate collection of (not-so-secret) secret weapons, guaranteed to make pimping your brand easier. 


HEarty af canva template bundle

$75 CAD

If you need your socials + Branding to tighten up, but you don't have the time + head space + coin to invest in hiring someone right now, this bundle is juuuuust for you. Stop fucking around and up yer' Design game. (Cause upping your design game = taking yourself + your biz seriously, so your clients + customers do the same).

Launch ‘er — squarespace website content planner

$37 CAD

Launch ‘Er is a killer planner will help you suss out all the shit that’s gotta shine, so by the time you come to create or update your website, you’ve got everything sorted.

Be Unmistakable — Branding course

$97 CAD

Be Unmistakable is a branding course for the new-ish business owner who’s been in the game for a minute — and is ready to be seen + heard like never before.

play bigger — guidebook

$17 CAD

Play Bigger is a guidebook for pinpointing your project goals and hiring your creative dream team. If you’ve done the DIY thing and you’re ready to step up, you need to get your hands on this lil’ gem.