The Basic Bitch — Squarespace 7.0 Design Kit

The Basic Bitch — Squarespace 7.0 Design Kit


For the minimalist basic bitch inside all of us. (Yeah, we’ve all got one.) This word-lovin’ design kit is the definition of ‘no fuss’: no big, fancy-schmancy image backgrounds, no parallax crap – basically, no bullshit. 

But make no mistake, The Basic Bitch isn't here to play small. Blog-focused (with Pinterest-friendly blog header templates), this is the perfect design kit for those who like to let the words speak for themselves. If you dig keeping shit simple and you're ready to level-up your website game, grab your latte and Insta-worthy flatlay setup and get to work building yourself a new, slick, online home. 

p.s. Between you and me, this template also looks real good when you zhush up the colours and switch out the fonts. So if this is a lil’ too minimal for ya, scroll down to take a peep at some variations and see what The Basic Bitch is really capable of. (Trust me; she’s a beaut.)

This sucker has your name on it if:

You ain’t impressed by fancy, flowery, OTT shit.

You’re a blogger, copywriter, author – or anyone with a hard-on for words. You aren’t into big, fancy, scrolling images or full-width header backgrounds; to you, it’s all about the prose (and fuck anyone who thinks differently). You may be into the simple things in life - but there’s nothin’ basic about your brand, baby.

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Fresh designs. Limited AF.

No one likes a copycat. That’s why the Good as Gold design kits are limited to only 35 purchases each. So if you spy one you dig, grab ‘er now.


4.jpgThe Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding


Here's what you need to use
the Design Kit ::

The Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding

1 :: A Squarespace account

You can easily sign up for one over here.

14.jpgThe Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding

2 :: Adobe Photoshop

You can grab a free trial that gives you 7 days access.

p.s. Don’t stress if you’re new to either of these platforms.
Squarespace is the most user-friendly, intuitive website platform out there, in my honest opinion (as someone who’s been designing websites for 8+ years). You’ll also get access to all of the video tutorials showing you how to use the Photoshop templates that come with your design kit. So, chill out. No worries. ✌



How it works ::

The Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding

1 :: Download your files

including all Photoshop templates, additional docs, and tutorial links

The Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding

2 :: Hit up the content planner

that comes with the kit to make sure you’ve got everything sorted before you dive in

The Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding

3 :: Get amongst the video tutorials

(included with the design kit) that show you how to customise your kit for your brand

The Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding

4 :: LAUNCH your site

out into the big ‘ol world and celebrate that shit. (Preferably with tequila.) Own that mother*cker like the BO-double-S that you are.



Dig this Design Kit but wondering how to make it yours?

Here’s what the Basic Bitch Design Kit looks like when the colours are swapped out.

This is to show you a basic example of how different the design kit’s vibe can be by only changing the colours. You can also switch up the fonts, images, and other design settings to perfectly suit YOUR Brand.



'The Basic Bitch' design notes + other shit you should know ::

  • The pages and layout of this Design Kit is DEF the most simple out of all of the Good as Gold Squarespace Kits

  • This Design Kit does not include full-width, parallax images

  • The placement of the content in the header/navigation can not be changed (i.e. the menu stays on the left, the logo in the middle, and other items on the right)

  • The Blog pages can easily have a sidebar added

  • As with all Squarespace websites, you can easily add a Shop/Products

  • Squarespace is hella’ easy to use, so if you love this kit but find there are one or two things you aren’t stoking on, you can easily jump into the design settings tab on Squarespace and change them to whatever you want. Easy-peasy.



All up, this is what ya get ::

The Basic Bitch – Squarespace Design Kit |Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding
  • A solid stash of design files, all downloadable as Photoshop templates where you can easily edit the colours, fonts, and images

  • A rundown on the design settings to use in Squarespace (This is where you can get all creative ‘n shit to edit ALL of the things: fonts, website spacing, padding, colours – whatever the f*ck you want, hombre)

  • FULL video tutorials showing you how to use the design kit - including how to customise the template in Photoshop, how to install, and how to get that sucker up on your website

  • Extra documentation and kickass guides to help you get the design lookin’ like a straight-up 20/10 (even if you’re a total design newb who’s got NFC what’s happenin’)

  • Launch ‘er :: Your One-Stop-Shop Website Content Planner - ‘cause you can’t craft yourself a 20/10 website if you don’t know what content needs to go where. (Valued at $37 CAD)



  • Kick the whole "I'm clueless AF" vibe to the curb once and for all + craft a brand you love (and FEELS like you)

  • Step up your business tone + aesthetic to see what it can really be

  • Make heads turn with damn good design

  • Develop a unique personal brand, hassle-free, so you can get back to what’s really important: doin’ good work.


$575 CAD

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Quick FAQ’s


👉What’s the difference between a design kit and a template?

Traditionally with websites on platforms such as Wordpress, templates are essentially a series of files you download and install on your website and it’s a pretty straightforward process. However, with Squarespace websites the process is a little different.

With Squarespace they already have a series of ‘Templates’ you choose from, and these form the base of your website. But these templates are SUPER basic and can be quite hard to customise (if you’re not a designer, or don’t want to hire one just yet) — so you need to get creative with how you use these templates and the Design settings within Squarespace.

And that’s where the Good as Gold Design Kits come in! It’s literally just that — a dope little kit of Photoshop templates, Squarespace Design settings, design guidebooks, video tutorials + more — to help you customise the shit outta your website and make it your own.

👉I've never used Squarespace before... Can I use these Design Kits?

FER SURE! In my opinion as someone who's been designing websites for 8+ years, Squarespace is the most intuitive easy to use platform in the game. Squarespace itself has a HUGE stash of tutorials and helpful articles (along with a really awesome support team), and the tutorials that come with the Design Kit will get you sussed + well on your way to creating a 20/10 website on Squarespace.

👉Is there coding involved with the kits?

NOPE! That’s part of the beauty of the Design kits… NO CODING. The kits are all setup using the design settings within Squarespace, and custom images which I’ll show you how to customise and install across your website.

👉Can I customise the kits to suit my Brand?

e.g. I don’t love the colours on the mockups you have, but I’d love to use my own brand colours.

You betcha. Thats another one of the rad things about the Design Kits — they’re SUPER easily changable to suit your current Branding. Each Kit also comes with a stash of suggested colour and font combinations, so if you’re not sure what goes well together, I gotchu.

👉I can’t be fucked installing the Design Kit on my site… Can you do it for me?

I can! If you’d like to purchase the additional Design Kit installation, you can find it + more info here.

👉How long will it take me to install the Design Kit and update my website?

If you can dedicate an hour each day from Monday-Friday for 2 weeks, you can 100% get yer new website up and running in that time. The tutorials and supporting content is designed to be as easy + quick to follow as possible. It's all of the shit you NEED to know and nothing more.

You can also dedicate a few full-days to your biz and go balls-to-the-wall and just GET IT DONE. It totally depends how you work best too.

You can find the full FAQ here if your question ain’t answered above.

Taxes will be added at the checkout for all customers within Canada.