Launch 'Er — Your One-Stop-Shop Squarespace Website Planner

Launch 'Er — Your One-Stop-Shop Squarespace Website Planner


So, you’re keen to get yourself a bangin’ brand + sweet lil’ website to show the world just what you’re made of; problem is, you find yourself scratchin’ your noggin’ over what to actually put on the damn thing.

ENTER: Launch 'Er: The Ultimate Squarespace Website Content Planner, here to save your entreprenuerial ass from creative FOMO.

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This killer planner will help you suss out all the shit that’s gotta shine…

…so by the time you come to create or update your website, you’ve got everything sorted – with no fucking around wondering how it should be laid out, no stress about what goes where.

Because you can’t create a dope website if you have no clue what’s going where, what your goals are, and how you want people to use your site, amirite?


Launch 'Er | Squarespace Website Planner | Good as Gold Studio

What you’ll learn ::

👉How to asses your current website (a.k.a. how to do a website audit)

👉🏼How to pull visual inspo WITHOUT copying other Brands + Websites

👉🏽How to build a Work With Me page that lands clients (and what questions to ask on your contact form)

👉🏾How to plan your content, including breaking down the goals for your website, for each page, the actionables - and what you want people to actually do once they land on your digital doorstep

👉🏽The top 9 website must-haves for a totally killer website that feels like you, AND lands you clients + customers

👉🏼Website launch checklist (Otherwise known as ‘shit to double-triple-check before you launch’)

👉My go-to ways to break up content in Squarespace when you’ve got a LOT on one page


Here’s what’s inside…



After 8+ years of designing + creating websites for myself, and for clients, I’ve picked up a thing or two on what makes a good website stand out, so I’ve rounded all of the best pointers up for you.

PART ONE :: The Website Audit

If you’ve already got yourself a website, this section is all for you. The first step to a 20/10 website update is assessing what is and isn’t working on your current site. The solution? A website audit.

PART TWO :: The Guts of It

This is where we dive into your Brand vibe, website goals, and well, the guts of everything. We’ll also take a look at how to pull inspiration from other websites and designs WITHOUT ripping ‘em off to create something dope that still feels like ‘you’. Yes, it’s possible.

PART THREE :: Content Planning

This section comes with Page templates so you can suss out what goes where.

PART FOUR :: The Launch Checklists

Squarespace launch checklists, pointers, and errything you need to get your website LAUNCHED, baby.


Who doesn’t fuckin’ love some extra tips, eh? I’ve rounded up some of my go-to tips for creating a slick, aligned Squarespace website including how to break up content (perf for long form sales pages), and more.





👉 The planner is INSTANT ACCESS. As soon as you buy you’ll get an email with the download link.

👉It’s delivered as a PDF AND as a Google Doc! Aka, take your pic and use it however it works for you. My personal fave? Throwing the PDF into the Notability app on my iPad Pro.

$37 CAD

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ps. Launch ‘Er also comes included free with every Squarespace Design Kit.



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