Play Bigger

Play Bigger


Play Bigger is a guidebook for pinpointing your project goals and hiring your creative dream team.

Hands up if you…

  • Have come face-to-face with a hire horror story — where some digital creative vanished with the cash, never delivered, or worse.

  • Get a headache just thinking about hunting down the right pro for your project, vibe, and work style. (How the eff are you supposed to cut through all the noise?)

  • Dream of hiring a creative A-team to help you take it higher... but don’t know exactly who or what you need.

  • Are done wasting time + $$ on peeps who don’t click with your style, or don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

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Ok. Hands down.

Now, listen up:


People who get you.

People who hear you.

People who know where you’re going with your biz, and what’s gotta be done.



Because hiring people in their zone of genius = Great results that free YOU up to get back to the shit you love doing.

(Creating. Coaching. Writing. Teaching. Whatever it is.)

But finding your perfect person ain’t easy.

It takes strategy + savvy + an in-depth plan of action.

A plan that pinpoints what you’re looking for, who you need, and where you’ll find them - so you can make the perfect hire the first time.

(Unless you really dig spending hundreds of hours digging through website after website, and taking shots in the dark. In which case, go on with your bad self!)

That’s where I come in.

This planet needs what you’ve got to give.

So let’s get the right people for the job, on the job — ASAP.




Play Bigger — a guidebook for pinpointing your project goals and hiring your creative dream team | Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding

Play Bigger is…

:: a guidebook for pinpointing your project goals, and hiring your creative dream team

:: a action-oriented planner so you can play bigger in your business now

 :: a guide for getting your most beautiful work out into the world, sooner.



Play Bigger is more than just a guidebook.

It’s jam-packed with worksheets, templates, checklists, real-life examples + case studies, and more.

(And it’s hella fun. For real.)

Play Bigger is designed to help you plan for the creative future of your business, and set the crucial wheels in motion on your big vision by bringing on people who can execute your ideas.

It’s time to hire the creatives who will help YOU craft the gorgeous look & feel for your work you’re looking for.

Videographers - copywriters - designers - developers - photographers -
and more.

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Here’s what’s inside…


PART ONE :: Let's Jam It Out

Vision mapping = the bomb dot com for levelling up in your business. You’ll find tons of biz-jamming worksheets in this first section to help you get clear on what you’re doing, where you’re going, and who you need. 

PART TWO :: Knowing Who to Hire, When

This quick-start guide will help you figure out who to hire, based on where you are in your business, and what your budget is. (More expensive doesn’t always mean better, and cheaper doesn’t always been low quality! If you know what to look for, you’ll find what you need.)

PART THREE :: Things to Know Before You Start Looking

These are a few basics to consider before you even start looking for people. Stuff like: how do you want to work? What overall “look” are you going for? What kind of people do you want to attract?

PART FOUR :: Finding The Right People

Get priceless tips & tricks for discovering your dream professionals out in the digital wild. I dish out key insider strategies about where to find them, how to know if they're right for you, and the tell-tale warning signs you need to know about.

PART FIVE :: Creative Brief Worksheet

This worksheet will help you jam on your project, figure out the kind of feeling, experience, and look you’re going for, and get you clear on your goals.

PART SIX :: Doing the Work

This section is dedicated to making everyone's job easier, and getting shit done.




The worksheets inside the Toolkit are created to be easy-to-use, and totally actionable, so you can start making stuff happen, instead of just thinking about it.

Here's a sneak peek...

Play Bigger — a guidebook for pinpointing your project goals and hiring your creative dream team | Good As Gold Studio | Squarespace Design Kit Templates & DIY Branding


So, you ready to Play Bigger?

👉 The guidebook is INSTANT ACCESS. As soon as you buy you’ll get an email with the download link. You need to download the files within 24 hours of purchasing.

👉The guidebook is delivered as a PDF! Aka it’s easy AF to use on any computer or device. You can also print it out if that’s your jam.

$17 CAD

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