Squarespace Design Kit Installation

Squarespace Design Kit Installation


Can’t be bothered setting up your Squarespace Design Kit? I gotchu’.

If you don’t have the time or (mental) space to go through the Squarespace setup tutorials and get the Design Kit on your website, I can do it for you! Basically the end result is that you get a website (almost) identical to the Demo website of your chosen Design Kit. Then from there you can easily jump in and customise it to suit your brand.

This includes ::

  • Fully set up Style Editor (aka Squarespace Design settings)

  • Demo pages setup with placeholder content (to duplicate the Demo website)

Other important notes ::

  • This does not include revisions of any kind, customisations to the Design Kit or website (you’ll still need to go in and edit the Photoshop files and customise the website yourself)

  • This install service requires you to add me as a Contributor to your website so I can access it and install the Design Kit.

  • It also requires you to add a Cover Page or Lock Page to your site as I work on it. This means your website is temporarily out of action as it’s updated.

  • Once you purchase I’ll be in touch to get the info I need + to set a time to install the Design Kit!

  • Must be installed within ONE WEEK of purchase. (Pre-Sale note :: If you purchase during the Pre-Sale, it will be installed within one week of the Good as Gold launch date — April 2nd).

  • This will affect the layout of your current website so its important that you do a DIY backup (i.e. Take full page screenshots and copy + paste all of your website copy into separate documents)

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