Your Story, In Style — Design Mini-Workshop | Launching Soon

Your Story, In Style — Design Mini-Workshop | Launching Soon


The Pre-Sale for Your Story, In Style has ended! The workshop will be launching soon. Follow Good as Gold on Instagram here, or sign up to the email gang (at the bottom of the page!) to stay in the loop.

This is a practical AF online workshop on how to hone a visual style that feels like you — so you can tell your story + grow your biz like the game changer you are.

This workshop is for you if you’ve already got your Branding dialled — i.e. you know who you are and what you stand for — but you’re ready to take it to the next level and craft a visual style that you can use when you’re whipping up Canva templates and eBooks for yourself (without needing to hire a designer).

This is also all new content that I’ve never really shared before… And I’m V STOKED ABOUT IT. 🙋‍♀️

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Lemme guess...

👉You get frustrated AF when it comes to DIY’ing design for your biz, but you’re not ready to hire a designer just yet + you dig being able to do things yourself, whenever you need it.

👉You want to add more personality to your DIY designs, you have no idea where to start and nothing feels like it ‘fits’ together.

👉You’re sick of your designs looking + feeling like everything else out there.

👉You want to hone your own style, but you’re not sure how to go about it without ripping people off.



Sound like you? Perf.
You’re in the right place.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 4.50.33 PM.png

I’m Sian. Graphic Designer, Kiwi, Rule-Breaker + Unabashed Wanderluster.

My mish? To help game-changing entrepreneurs + small businesses (like you) craft stunning digital spaces to match their awesome work.

Translation: I’m on deck to help you be YOU, in the most powerfully distinct + eye-catching way possible… And to save you from shitty design. 😜

I’ve spent the last 10 years honing my own style and jamming on everything from eBooks to long-ass sales pages, to ‘Hell YES’ branding + websites (and more), for clients around the world — and for my own biz.

I’m not phased my design ‘trends’ or what anyone else in the industry is doing, and this has been a BIG player in me finding a style that feels like me, and can evolve with me over time. (Hot tip :: Following ‘trends’ is the quickest route to being irrelevant + boring). I’ve never dished much on my theories behind design and how I do what I do… Until now. I want to help you do the same, so I’m stoked to introduce my first Design workshop!

This mini-workshop — Your Story, In Style, is here to help you bridge that bitch-of-a-gap between finding your visual Brand inspo, and actually bringing it to life in design pieces (like website graphics, social media posts + all of that good stuff) for your biz.



But let me be clear, this workshop is NOT...

  • A branding workshop. You already know who you are and what you stand for… this is where we bring that shit to life, through design.

  • A fluff-filled, drawn-out workshop full of ‘inspiration’ and done-before lessons… This is a short + sweet workshop that’s big on ACTION, doing the work, and making shit fun.

  • A workshop on ALL THINGS Graphic Design. The whole point of it being actionable is making it as small as it needs to be, and focusing on one specific thing. There may be future workshops on other designy things, but this one is specifically about how to hone your own design style and how to translate that into your work.

  • A hardcore Adobe/Photoshop-only workshop. If you can’t be fucked with the Adobe suite, or its just too intimidating + too much brain-power to even THINK about, I gotchu. We keep it simple AF and roll with Canva.



The Pre-Sale for Your Story, In Style has ended!

The workshop will be launching soon. Follow Good as Gold on Instagram here, or sign up to the email gang (at the bottom of the page!) to stay in the loop.



Here’s what’s inside the mini-workshop ::


On Style

Before we dive in, it’s important to suss out WTF it even means to have a ‘style’, why it matters so much in business, and I’ll also share more on my own experiences with finding my vibe.

(Ever wondered why the fark I use adventure + outdoor photos in products like this that have NOTHIN’ to do with nature stuff? Well, I’ll tell you, lol).


The Good Shit

Alright… This is where shit gets good. I’ve created an easy, FUN AF process for nailing down a design aesthetic that feels like you, and is also different from everything else you see out there.

I dish on the No-Go’s (so you know what things to stay away from), and how to curate and refine your style. You’ll end up with a stash of creative elements that make up your style, that you can transform and move with into the next Lesson, and into the future of your biz.


Plug + Play

So now you’ve got your visual vibes down, we’ll translate that into actually USING that style in your work.

This is where we’ll create a series of Canva templates you can use in your biz, we’ll go over the basics of what makes good design AND I’ll hit you with some screenshare vids of me working on design projects (cause sometimes thats just what you need to learn, right? to see someone else just DOING SHIT?).

This is also where you can also send me over some of your designs from the workshop to review + hit you with feedback.

See… Told you it was all-action + no-bullshit. 😜




The workshop will be delivered via PDF workbooks and videos — accessible via a password-protected web page.

I’ll send you everything you need to know once the workshop launches!



Once you’ve completed the workshop, you’ll be able to…

👉 Craft DIY design pieces for your business with confidence, because you’ve got your style nailed and you know the basics of how to actually translate that shit into your work. You’ll also have created a series of Canva templates, so there’ll be no excuses.

🙋‍♀️ Create a solid AF visual vibe for your biz, so you AND your customers + clients take your work seriously.

✋🏽 Communicate better with Designers + other creatives, if/when you decide to hire them, because you know what you like + don’t like, and how to communicate that shit.

🎉 Look rad AF + make people pay attention with good design… Let’s be real.



Here’s some kind words from past customers + clients…


“This content is amazing, your honesty and personal insight is so needed and I'm amazed at how much detail you've put into each section.”

— Katie Ashton (on Make More Moves)


“I found the toolkit well structured and with lots of info that gets straight to the point. There’s no useless info just to fill the pages — only what you need.”

— Christelle (on Make More Moves)


Sian is an immense talent, masterful and truly innovative. Seriously, when you’re ready to set trends, instead of just following them, you need Sian on your team.”

— Kate Byrne | Betty Means Business (Graphic Design client)


“Everything is explained and taught like you’re just sitting in front of a very wise and creative buddy. It felt real. No talking down, no over the top promises.”

— Stephanie Fitzpatrick (on Be Unmistakable)




Let’s go.

p.s. Remember…

👉 This is a Pre-Sale. This means I am still working on the content and refining it, to make it as helpful + as actionable as possible for ya. The workshop itself will be delivered by November 20th at the latest, and I’ll keep you updated with weekly emails between now and then!

👉 When the workshop fully launches, it’ll be $147 CAD. But if you grab it during the Pre-Sale, it’s $97 CAD. Aka no time to fuck around, Susan.



Questions? Here’s some answers that might help…

👉 “How long will I have access to the content for?”
You’ll have access to the password-protected for ONE MONTH, starting from when the workshop fully launches. You can download all of the content (so you can access anytime), but remember… This is not another course to just sit around in your Inbox that you never actually complete. This is fun, actionable shit for you to actually work on — hence why you’ve got a whole damn month to jam on this shit.

👉 “How long will it take me to complete the workshop?”
I’m still finalising the content so I can’t say for sure how long any of the videos or Lessons will be, but I’m designing it for you to be able to work through in a single day. As always it depends how you work, so you could split it up over a week too. Point being — it’s a mini workshop that includes everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t. ✌️

👉 “Will there be 1-1 feedback from you?”
The short answer to this is… YES! I’m still finalising the ‘how’, but… Yes. There will be opportunities to send me your designs from the workshop, to hit you with some feedback.

👉 “I’m not sure about this Pre-Sale thing… How do I know you’ll actually deliver?”
This ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve created digital products using this Pre-Sale method before, and I found it worked really well. It also helps in improving the content because I could ask the people who purchased during the Pre-Sale for feedback, to make the product BETTER. So… You got nothin’ to worry about. 😉

👉 Is this content similar to Be Unmistakable or any of your other products?
Nope, this is pretty much all fresh content! It’s totally different to any other product I’ve created.

Still got a Q? Send me an email here and I’ll get back to you!



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